Does your foundation need repairs, we can fix it! Do you have a water leak in your foundation? Does your foundation need to be stabilized? Is your French drain blocked? Is your garage or basement floor cracked? S.O.S. Fissures Outaouais offers professional service for all your problems with cracks. We are the trusted specialist in the greater Outaouais/Ottawa region.

S.O.S. Fissures Outaouais has the expertise and the state-of-the-art equipment required to quickly and efficiently perform all the necessary repair work to protect and secure your property. We have extensive experience in foundation repair, and we’ve mastered all the repair methods. Thanks to our cutting-edge equipment, we can repair cracks in the concrete foundations of all sorts of residential buildings.


S.O.S. Fissures Outaouais responds to requests quickly and follows up immediately. Our specialists meet with you to identify the cause of your problem and make you a detailed offer.

We reassure our clients with the fair price of our quotes, our respect for their property and timelines, and by performing the work that we do while complying with quality and hygiene standards in the workplace.

We use products whose reliability is beyond doubt. Our goal is to always be on the lookout for the latest techniques in our industry, continuously replace our equipment, and ensure that our professionals are trained and experienced. The work is carried out in accordance with the strictest safety rules and standards.

Our mandate: To preserve the foundation of your home by offering you personalized, professional, and efficient service!

Some exceptions may apply


   Repairing cracks in foundations

   Repairs with injections (interior cracks)

   Repairs with elastomeric membranes (exterior cracks)

   Concrete floor and wall repairs

   Foundation waterproofing

   Coping installation

   French drain installation/replacement

   Garage door gutter installation

   Sanitation service and water ingress

   Buildings lifting

   Excavations of all sorts

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Did you know?

The foundation of your home is just as important as the roof that protects it. Unfortunately, cracks in concrete foundations can be found in almost all homes. They can appear in the foundation walls, the corners, the floors, and the corners of the windows.

Regardless of the severity of the crack in the foundation, as soon as it is discovered, it is important to contact S.O.S. Fissures Outaouais. Our team will conduct a thorough inspection of the cracks and offer a guaranteed solution. No crack or leak should be left unrepaired. The preservation and durability of the structure of your home—and its foundation in particular—are of the utmost importance.

What are the causes of cracks in concrete foundations?

The Canadian climate, the extreme temperature deviations that we experience each year, and various environmental factors such as rain, trees, groundwater, and ground movement are among the leading causes of the appearance of cracks in the walls or foundation of a house. Other causes may also come from the construction of the foundation itself, the age of the property, and the quality of the materials used.

Although some cracks may not seem serious with respect to the structure of your home, other cracks may have more significant consequences, starting with the thermal insulation, which can quickly raise the price of your bills! There is also water seepage to consider, which—in the medium to long term—can weaken the structure of your home and cause irreparable damage. Normal wear and tear can certainly occur in the concrete foundation after a few years. This can lose its watertightness and impermeability over the years, which can cause cracks in the concrete and water seepage.

Are you in doubt? If you notice such signs, you should act without waiting too long, because the consequences can really damage your home. Contact our team of crack repair experts.